Monthly Mocktail Mixer Subscription Service

Bring your team together and create unforgettable memories with our Monthly Mocktail Mixer Subscription Service

Transform your workplace into a vibrant social hub with our exclusive Mocktail Subscription Service, specially crafted for your monthly office gatherings.

Reconnect, rejuvenate, and rekindle the camaraderie with a delightful assortment of alcohol-free drinks that will have everyone looking forward to the next Mocktail Mixer!

What's included:

A Curated Mocktail Menu: An enticing selection of themed mocktails, updated every month to keep the flavors fresh and the excitement brewing! Our easy-to-follow recipe guide ensures anyone can become the star bartender of the day.

Monthly Delivery: Enjoy hassle-free delivery of all the ingredients, garnishes, and supplies required for your office Mocktail Mixer. Just open the box, and you're ready to mix!

Unwind, bond, and toast to success with the most flavorful and refreshing mocktails, tailored for your office gatherings. It's time to shake, stir, and savor the moment!

Here's the recipe for today!

Haskap Citrus Chili Sangria

Made with haskap berries from Rosy Farms, three kinds of citrus and a twist of birdseye chili, it's all flavour, colour, zest and heat. Elevated by our Strathcona Orange bitters.


1) Pack wine or highball glass with ice

2) Fill halfway with sangria mix

3) Top up with sparkling water or alcohol-free sparkling wine

4) Stir, and garnish with citrus