About Us

In 2016, our founders put their heads and hearts together and created Edmonton's first local bitters company to complement the newly flourishing Alberta craft distillery community. 

Albertans were enjoying a growing number of locally produced spirits, and we saw a unique opportunity to marry them with local bitters made from organic ingredients sourced from Alberta farms. 

Our bitters use organic ingredients sourced from local farmers and businesses and are then hand-made and bottled without chemicals or preservatives. While sometimes we look outside the province for fruits that won't grow in the North, most of our bitters are made with plants grown fresh in Alberta. 

Each of Token's products is named after beloved Edmonton neighbourhoods and streets, an ode to the city we call home. Strathcona Orange is named after the market where we purchase our fresh and dried fruit, and Whyte Lavender takes its name from the location of co-founder Keenan's first bartending job. 


Token Whyte Lavender bitters 

Our Team

Keenan Pascal, Founder and CEO



Keenan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Token Bitters. Born and raised in Edmonton, Keenan's years as a bartender allowed him to ask his network what they needed to take Alberta cocktails to the next level.


Mario Castillo, Food Scientist


Mario is the mind behind the formulation of our flavours, turning extraction science into an art form. With a B.Sc. in Nutrition and Food Science, Mario is accomplished in food products and sensory science.