What are Bitters?

What are bitters and how do you use them?

Bitters are classified as a flavour enhancer (a seasoning if you will) for the preparation of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, as well as any savoury or sweet food dish. Bitters add a layer of flavour complexity. They intensify the flavour of other ingredients, counteract the harshness of acidic contents and decrease the harshness of spirits. Bitters also help cleanse the palate and aid in digestion.

While the product contains 42% alcohol by volume, each dash contains an insignificant amount of alcohol due to serving size. 

How do we make our bitters?

All Token Bitters products are made locally in Edmonton through an ethanol extraction process using 95% grain ethanol and our unique blend of natural ingredients. 

Token’s unique ingredients are sourced both locally and from fair trade sources around the globe. There are no gluten or animal products used in any part of the extraction, therefore our products are both vegan and gluten free.

Many of the ingredients that Token uses in extractions are known for their therapeutic benefits in traditional cultures. However, it's just as important to us to deliver the most useful and surprising flavours to our customers.

While other bitters manufacturers use vegetable glycerine as an extractive agent, Token uses ethanol as an extractive medium. We do this with thoughtful intention, as ethanol allows us to get the right flavours out of our ingredients. 

We are careful to source only organic ingredients whenever possible. Our hops, for example, are cultivated by Harvesters of Organic Hops. Token plans to support suppliers in their efforts to grow organic produce.