Do I have to refrigerate my bitters after opening?

    Refrigeration as a means of preservation is not necessary. Token Bitters have 42% ABV that acts as a natural preservative that provides perpetuity to their shelf-life. We recommend storing your bitters as you would store any other spice, in a dry place away from direct exposure to the sunlight. If you choose to refrigerate your Token Bitters after opening, we recommend leaving them at room temperature before using them since temperature plays a key role in determining the taste of all the flavor compounds.

    There is a film on the inside of the dropper of my bitters, is this mold? Have they gone bad?

    We assure you, your bitters are perfectly safe to consume. What you are seeing is the oils and microscopic particles from the natural ingredients used to make bitters. In order to get a richer flavour profile, our processing does not include a full filtration step. The natural ingredients give off an oil, some of which forms a film upon the glass dropper. If you would like to remove the film, squeeze out the contents of the dropper and perform a quick rinse. Again, this is not mold and your bitters are perfectly safe to consume and enjoy.

    How long can I enjoy my bitters after opening?

      You will most likely run out of your favorite Token Bitters before they go bad. You can safely enjoy your bitters at any time after opening. Note that bitters, as wines and spirits, develop new flavor, aroma, and color as they mature over time.

      Are your products gluten free?

        Yes! Our products are gluten free.

        Why are my bitters cloudy?

          Token Bitters are densely packed with aromatic and flavor compounds that are not totally soluble in the 58 percent content of water, causing a cloudy effect as light passes through.   

          Why do bitters contain alcohol?

            Alcohol in bitters functions as a solvent to extract aromatic and flavor compounds from botanicals, and as a natural preservative. 

            Are my bitters non-alcoholic?

              Token Bitters are considered non-alcoholic products since the content of alcohol, 42% ABV, in the bitters is full of denaturants coming from the botanicals. This makes them bitter-tasting and unpalatable for consumption as a conventional aperitif or alcoholic drinks.

              How much should I use in my drinks or food?

                Token Bitters provide a tremendous punch of flavor to drinks and food for such a small amount. Our bottles come with graduated pipettes for you to measure out what would be the right amount for your recipes.

                How are bitters made?

                  Bitters, by definition, are the product of taking a neutral spirit and infusing it with a variety of aromatic botanicals, ranging from flowers, herbs, spices, roots, fruits, seeds, and bark. Token Bitters is a science-driven company that incorporates scientific research and technology to achieve a unique flavor profile in each of our products.

                  Do Token Bitters contain any artificial flavors or ingredients?

                    Token Bitters are made with all-natural, local, organic ingredients. Artificial flavors or ingredients are not welcome in our facility! 

                    Are Token Bitters products safe for children?  

                      Token Bitters are safe products to consume for a general healthy population. By pouring a few drops (20-40) in a drink would not cause intoxication since the ABV is denatured, and in that amount is negligible. However, we recommend caution when giving Token Bitters to children as they may contain allergens.