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Token Bitters

Distemperance Haskap Citrus Chili Sangria

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Haskap berries are the bright, tangy superfood of the North, and we source our berries from right here in Alberta, at Rosy Farms. In a world of temperate tasting alcohol alternatives, Distemperance Haskap Citrus Chili Sangria brings the jazz. All flavour, colour, zest and heat —  a glass of Distemperance will kick your alcohol FOMO to the curb. When it comes to quality and flavour, accept no substitutes!

This 750ml non-alcoholic bottled drink is our first collaboration with Mockups Mocktails.


Haskap berries, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice, orange zest, lemon zest, lime zest, apple cider vinegar, honey, Token Strathcona Orange bitters, birdseye chili, spices and water.


Dilute mix with soda. Use 1 part mix to 1 part soda for a stronger taste, or 1 part mix to 2 parts soda for a more mellow taste. Serve in a glass packed with ice.