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Token Bitters

Token Bitters & Soda Classic Flavour Case (24 Units)

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Introducing Token Bitters & Soda – Classic Flavour! Experience the perfect blend of Token Heritage Bitters and refreshing soda water in one delightful beverage. Our Classic Flavour combines the warm, well-rounded notes of our Token Heritage Bitters with the crispness of soda, creating a drink that's both sophisticated and invigorating.

Whether you're looking for a refined non-alcoholic option or a mixer to elevate your cocktails, Token Bitters & Soda – Classic Flavour is your go-to choice.

Indulge in the aromatic journey with every sip and let the intricate flavours of our handcrafted bitters shine through. Perfect for any occasion, Token Bitters & Soda is ready to refresh your palate and elevate your beverage experience. Cheers to a new classic!

Case Quantity: 24

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