Bitters @ Baijiu: A Cocktail Challenge

Bitters @ Baijiu: A Cocktail Challenge

A big thank you to all the bartenders, sponsors, and local Edmonton cocktail enthusiasts for their participation in Token Natural's first annual cocktail competition at Baijiu on February 15th. We challenged seven of Edmonton's best bartenders to reimagine the flavour possibilities of cocktails using Token Bitters and Michter's American Whiskey. We truly enjoy creating opportunities in which we can bring the Edmonton community together (and enjoy a cocktail or two). In case you missed the event, here is a recap!

The scene


How the competition went down

Each bartender had a week to prepare their drink for the competition using a combination of Token's Signature Bitters: Whyte Lavender, Ritchie Cherry, or Strathcona Orange along with Michter's Whiskey. After a week of solid preparation, competition day arrived. Seven of Edmonton's best bartenders gathered representing the cities best bars and restaurants. Thanks to North 53, Clementine, Holy Roller, Speak Tiki, and of course Baijiu for lending us your best for the evening.  Seven bartenders, seven original drinks, it was show time.





Judgement Time

The competition was stiff, each bartender brought their A-game and tension amongst the judges facing decision time was high, but a winner needed to be crowned. Each cocktail was graded based on the following categories:

Cocktail (25 points): Taste & Balance, presentation, complexity (garnish etc.), name (how well thought out)

Richard Nys of Michter's (official judge of the competition) tastes an entry

Product Knowledge (25 points): How much do they know about the background ingredients? 

Bartender Presentation (25 points): Are they fun to watch? Are they putting on a show for the crowd?

James Grant of Holy Roller describes his creation (he won the competition)

Technique (25): Shake, stir, measure, etc. 

Leland Morrison of Clementine pours a drink (second place winner) 

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