Partner Spotlight: Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Partner Spotlight: Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Extraction Science Meets Elegance: Token Bitters and Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Today, we're highlighting our partnership with one of Edmonton's most distinct and elegant splendours. Overlooking the city's North Saskatchewan River Valley, the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has delivered charm and timeless luxury for over a century. 


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Back in the summer during warmer days in Edmonton, we were approached by Fairmont Hotel Macdonald for a special collaboration - designing a custom bitters flavour. The new flavour was to be exclusive to Fairmont and would reflect the dignified style and grace of the sought after luxury hotel. 



Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has long been known for its popular afternoon tea that embodies Royal traditions. They host a delightful afternoon tea every Saturday and Sunday followed by a spectacular historic tour. The hotel even carries their own custom blend of Earl Grey Tea.


It was decided that the custom bitters flavour would incorporate the Earl Grey blend to create a flavour profile unique to Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. Token's MAC Baroness Grey bitters are now featured on the cocktail menu in the stunning library-style Confederation Lounge.



The hotel felt that guestrooms should include a personalized taste. It was decided each room would contain mini bitters that paired perfectly with the Fairmont's private label MAC Bourbon. Token's Food Scientist, Mario, and Fairmont's Head Bartender, Jerome put their heads together and came up with MAC Honey Orange, which features the addition of hibiscus flower to Token's popular orange bitters.


Guests at the hotel can now find both the bourbon and MAC Honey Orange bitters in their hotel room bar. Unwind in luxury with a uniquely Edmonton Old Fashioned.



Festive Season at Fairmont Hotel Macdonald



Festive season at Fairmont Hotel Macdonald is a must-see for anyone visiting Edmonton during the holidays! The hotel comes alive with the spirit of Christmas, celebrating the season with annual traditions and world-class cuisine.


Fairmont Hotel Macdonald will be hosting their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony this Friday, November 15th between 12pm and 1pm. The ceremony is dedicated to the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton and open to the entire community, featuring live performances from a local children's choir and festive photos with Smudge! For a full list of Festive Dining Events, click here.


While you're there, make sure to stop by the Confederation Lounge and enjoy a cocktail with our bitters such as the Festive Smoked Manhattan (see below).


Festive Smoked Manhattan | $20


MAC Private Label Bourbon
Antica Formula
MAC Honey Orange Bitters from Token Bitters


Happy holidays from Token Bitters and Fairmont Hotel Macdonald!