You Asked, We Listened! 10 FAQs About Token Bitters

You Asked, We Listened! 10 FAQs About Token Bitters

It's true that good things come in small packages, or in this case, bottles. Token Bitters are handcrafted artisanal aromatic bitters that add a layer of flavor complexity to cocktails, mocktails, coffee and more! In order for you to get the most out of your bitters experience, we wanted to answer a few commonly asked questions:

1. What are Token Bitters?
Bitters are classified as a flavor enhancer for the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as any savory or sweet food dish. They add a layer of flavor complexity by intensifying the flavor of other ingredients, counteracting the harshness of acidic contents, and decreasing the harshness of spirits. Bitters also help cleanse the palate and aid in digestion. 

2. How are they made?
All Token Bitter products are crafted at Edmonton's local Hansen Distillery using an ethanol extraction process. By taking a neutral spirit and infusing it with a variety of aromatic botanicals, ranging from flowers, herbs, spices, roots, fruits, seeds, and bark, we are able to deliver a unique spectrum of tasty flavors. 

Want to learn even more about the process? Get behind the scenes with the team here

3. Do they contain alcohol? 
While the bitters contain 42% alcohol by volume (ABV), each serving holds an insignificant amount of alcohol relative to its size, classifying them as non-alcoholic products. The 42% ABV is full of denaturants that come from the botanicals, which make them bitter tasting and unpalatable for consumption as a conventional aperitif or alcoholic drink. 

4. Are they vegan and/or gluten free?
Yes! There are no gluten or animal products used in any part of the extraction process, therefore our products are both vegan and gluten free. Additionally, many of the ingredients that Token uses in extractions are known for their therapeutic benefits in traditional cultures.

5. Are the bitters organic?
Token Bitters do not contain any artificial flavors or ingredients – we make it our mission to source only organic ingredients whenever possible. Soon we will be certified to put the term "organic" on our product labels. 

Additionally, we source organic ingredients both locally and from fair trade sources around the globe. Our hops, for example, are cultivated by the BC based Harvesters of Organic Hops, and our favourite place to stock up on essentials is Edmonton’s Old Strathcona Farmers Market!

6. How much should I use in my drinks or food?
Less is more when it comes to Token Bitters - even a tiny amount will provide a tremendous punch of flavor! Our bottles come with graduated pipettes so that you can measure out the right amount to take your recipes to the next level. 

7. Are they safe for children? 
Generally, yes. Pouring a few drops (20-40) in a drink will not cause intoxication since the ABV is denatured (meaning the amount of alcohol per dose is negligible). However, we recommend caution when giving Token Bitters to children, as they may contain allergens. 

8. Why are my bitters cloudy?
Token Bitters are densely packed with aromatic and flavor compounds that are not completely soluble in the 58% content of water. This can create the cloudy effect you observe as light passes through. 

9. Do I have to refrigerate them after opening?
Nope! Token Bitters have 42% ABV which acts as a natural preservative to prolong their shelf life. We recommend storing your bitters as you would any other spice - in a dry place away from direct exposure to sunlight. 

If you choose to refrigerate after opening, we recommend leaving them at room temperature before use, since temperature plays a key role in determining the taste of all the flavor compounds. 

10. How long can I enjoy bitters after opening? 
The bad news is that you'll most likely run out of your favourite Token Bitters before they go bad. The good news is that you can safely enjoy your bitters any time after opening! And just when you thought they couldn't get any better, as with wines and spirits, the bitters actually mature over time, and will take on new flavors, aromas, and colors.

Still have questions?
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have - we love talking about bitters!